How to Generate ATM PIN for HDFC Debit Card through sms?

How to Generate ATM PIN for HDFC Debit Card through sms? Bank has brought you this idea to activate HDFC debit cards for international use or domestic online use, we will make our HDFC debit card working for ATM transactions or POS transactions; with the help of HDFC debit card activation through SMS or with the help of Net banking to start-up HDFC ATM card

How to Activate HDFC debit card online with pin generation?

To activate HDFC debit card pin online, Please go-ahead to use HDFC Net banking and to generate the debit card pin online, So, go through the below steps-

how to activate hdfc debit card
  • Make your presence on with logged in process
  • Now take a point on the ‘Cards’ tab
  • Choose the option ‘REQUEST’
  • Click on to ‘Generate instant PIN ‘
  • Enter the self-chosen 4 digits of the pin
  • Re-enter the same pin

You are all set now, this instant pin enable your ATM withdrawal, online shopping, and other international transactions, respectively

How to generate atm pin for hdfc debit card through sms?

Generating an ATM PIN for HDFC Debit card via Net banking or Mobile banking is not only choices but we can also generate an ATM through SMS , for this ,there are some terms and conditions that you need to check with your Bank account,

if your request for creating debit card ATM Pin decline ,so typically primary issue that could be there with Your bank account mailing address update or changes to a new address from an Old address,

It does mean that very likely delivery attempt of your Debit card is reached up to a higher extent and when you are unable to pick up your debit card then in such cases that card return due to a wrong address ,

so in such situation, you encounter that to change your mailing address to receive your debit card at a new address this could be a possible reason ,or the 2nd reason that is recently KYC has been initiated to your Bank account, these two cases often decline your Debit card pin Generation request either through SMS or Net banking ,only it is possible from Bank branch side, if everything is right then,

  • Take your mobile phone and open SMS app
  • Type “DCPIN” (space) Last four digits of your debit card ,And SMS to 5676712 ,make sure to send an SMS from hdfc bank account registered mobile number,
  • You will receive an OTP on your mobile number ,Keep that OTP number remember
  • Visit HDFC Bank ATM Machine
  • Insert ATM Card
  • select the language
  • View the Option pin change
  • Enter that OTP you have received
  • Enter the detail you see on ATM screen
  • Confirm that
  1. How to Generate ATM pin for HDFC debit card Via SMS?

    Ans- Yes, HDFC Bank debit card can be activated through SMS, for this, write an SMS in this format;-
    You send the type of SMS from your HDFC bank registered mobile number

  2. How do we activate HDFC debit cards for online shopping?

    Ans- To activate HDFC debit card for online shopping, it is mandatory to enable the option for domestic uses, as per RBI guideline, all online domestic transaction has to be disabled if the domestic transaction failed from last 6 months at-least
    to activate a Debit card for online shopping, Please do, as I want you to do with the below steps
    Log on to my HDFC Bank Net banking
    Now Go to the Debit card tab
    Choose the option REQUEST
    Click on to set international/domestic usage

activate hdfc debit card for online shopping ,

Can We activate an HDFC debit card for international use?

Ans-Yes, activate the HDFC debit card for international usage, please be sure to enable the international usage option is available under the Debit card request option, just click on the Set international usage and mark the empty box to enable online international transactions to use, and

What if my debit card is enabled for online use but my debit card is not working?

If You know that your HDFC debit card has no issue as your card is active, but you confess issues while you make the online debit transaction, so please check the limit of online usage; you have set, if your limit has been zeroed, it will create such a problem, therefore, please set your HDFC Bank debit card limit set first; to do so, Click on modify domestic & international limit under the request option of Debit card on Netbanking

How Can I find my HDFC Debit ATM Pin

Ans-To find a debit card pin, please take the help of Net banking login credentials, after logged in; Go to Debit card pin generation by clicking on the REQUEST option under the CARD tabs, and click on Continue to re-generate the Debit card Pin with pin generation reason; then verify your primary address, accept the terms and conditions, and do that Submit,

Note- This above option is for generating a New HDFC debit card ATM pin if you don’t remember, as that former debit card ATM PIN is unable to recover, either using Net banking or with the help of HDFC Bank customer care services, so please create new ATM PIN with the help of above steps,

Conclusion– Now you know How to Activate an HDFC ATM card, as this blog concludes the instructions of activating the debit card through the online and offline process, hope you liked this article, Feel free to ask if you find an issue with this title term, and also, please do not forget to share this post,

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