999 has been credited back transfer credits to your bank a/c xx6098

What does it mean for a credit amount to transfer? so it means that amount has been transferred to your bank account; receiving a credit balance SMS on your registered mobile number could not be the suspect of a fraud

For this mean, more than one multiple reasons could be; if you suspect that your bank account data has been shared with an unknown person or a fraudster; so please be aware of it,

I will make you aware of what and in which cases you should take care of your bank accounts; essentially bank never recommend sharing your bank accounts confidential data with anyone,

sharing confidential bank accounts data leads to enhance unauthorized ways of bank balance debit

As far as the 999 has been credited back transfer credits to your bank is concerned; then, it could be a refund from any merchant sites; for instance, Amazon prime membership fee; In fact, When I made a cancellation request for Amazon prime membership feeI got such SMS on behalf of my respective bank; therefore I would recommend going ahead with that concern if you come across such a message,

1 rupee credited in my bank accounts

Here We go again to discuss the mean of 1 rupee credited back in My bank accounts; very likely it does mean to say you might have registered your bank account for a mutual fund folio,

When CAMS(Computer Age management system)verify the bank accounts for the folio of Mutual fund; then it credits 1 rupee to your respective bank accounts,

Recently CAMS has summoned with the 1 rupee credit balance to every mutual fund investors which is not a fraudster case;

Note– IF you think of what is CAMS then it is mutual fund registrar & transfer agent; which gives a name for your mutual fund primary name on the basis of the KYC document you submit

Instruction to take on a priority basis

it may be a fraudster case; when you receive a debited SMS of 1 rupee from your bank accounts without your authorization

In such cases please call your respective bank customer care services to know more details and do accordingly whatever you respond from the bankside

Sometimes we get the credited amount to our bank accounts without our awareness, that amount could be sent from the bankside by mistakes or due to banks internal technical issues,

So please notify your bank along with that Amount messages, doing this, will not let your bank deduct amount without your permission, One-day one of my respective banks credited 5000 rupees by mistake, I didn’t use that amount as I was unaware of that amount, but after 3 days, that amount was debited;

so I got a call that a certain amount has been deducted due to it was sent by mistakes from the bankside

999 has been debited from your bank a/c xx6098

Such a debit SMS from your bank accounts can represent that you might have enabled standing instructions process for automatic payment on a particular date ,

if you check your bank account statement details and the details of the similar transactions could be seen on a specific date of every month, this is the identity of auto pay initiation, to stop it, you can get in touch with bank customer care services,

Conclusion on 999 has been credited back transfer credits to your bank a/c xx6098

This is to inform you with the medium of this content that please always aware of bank and bank accounts, i.e, checking bank balance with the statement details, always make you present and you are able to know all transaction details at a glance, with that, continue changing Bank accounts net banking password, debit card pin on a specific time,

Hope you find the peace of information on this topic 999 has been credited back transfer credits to your bank a/c xx1234 helpful

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