2 cash back credit card you must have

2 cash back credit card,

In this blog post, We will know the details for 2 cash back credit card, which can get you exciting offers not only on the purchases of retail products but also on bill payments recharges online

therefore first 2 cashback credit card is to discuss is HDFC Millennia credit card and Paytm first credit card; and; apart from these two cashback credit card; I would also mention how to get 5% cashback and 1 % cashback using any bank’s Credit card/debit card ;

2 cash back credit card

here the first credit card is HDFC Millennia credit card , if you have this credit card you may get 2% flat cashback either your retail transaction or online payment ,

HDFC Millennia credit card – this credit card is best for saving money on online purchases, as this credit card is featured to provide cashback, you may curious to know, where and how we can get cashback by using HDFC millennia cashback credit card,

so the appropriate place to use this credit card via HDFC Bank Payzaap payment gateway and SMART PAY app, in fact, these two sites really recommended for this credit card if you want to earn cashback as well as reward points,

Because; Transaction made via Payzaap and Smart pay through the millennia credit; let you earn up to 5 % cashback on the minimum transaction of 2000 rupees; on various e-commerce websites including AMAZON,FLIPKART,Shopclues, and so on,

And the minimum cashback up to 2.5% on your online purchases by this credit card

Paytm first credit card – Paytm first credit card provides cashback up to 1% on your retail transaction; there is no capping for cashback; as this credit card is also best known for a cashback credit card;

this credit is inbuilt with the Paytm itself ,if you use this credit card only on Paytm ,you may receive higher benefits ,

Because users may get up to 1000 rupees flat cashback once they reach up to 5000 rupees of total LTC uses, but this is the highest flat cashback capping if the Paytm user use this credit card in a year, but moreover flat cashback up to 1% continue on online transactions

Frequently asked questions on 2 cash back credit card

How to get 5% cashback through your credit card ?

Ans– To get 5% cashback through your credit card, you must check few things such as, before your make any expense please check whether Cashback offers are available or not,
however, I would recommend using PAYZAAP to get unlimited offers every month, and also check the Payzaap offers, anyone can use this app and can avail the cashback offers, for example – to get the cashback up to 5% on your bill payment, including (DTH, electricity, water, insurance and much more) use Promo code ‘BILLPAY’
This is how you can use promo code according to categories, to view the offer details please go to ‘View offers

What is the turn around time to get cashback on your Paytm first credit card ?

The expected turn around time to get cashback via Paytm first credit card is two business day, sometimes we get the cashback instant,
While HDFC millennia credit card also provides cashback within seven working days to ninety-working days but it depends on Merchant’s offer

What does a cashback mean on these credit cards ?

Getting cashback on your retail transactions which come under offer criteria is like an incentive, and Cashback often provided to the customers/users with a certain % of total expenses through Credit card, for instance, 2% cashback on the amount of 2000 rupees to say the earned incentive is 40 rupees ,

Is a cash back credit card worth the value?

Ans– Getting cashback and reward points on a credit card really worth it, as Cashback can be used to pay off the credit card bill, and, on the other hand, reward points can be also converted into cashback which is really a Good sign to worth for the money, this is called wise ways of getting discount

What is the best cash back credit card with zero annual fee ?

Ans- These two credit card, which we have discussed, comes with annual fee charges of a certain amount, but yeah, you can make them free, for instance – Paytm first cashback credit card comes with a 590 rupees membership fee which can be waived off if a Paytm user spend the total amount 50000 rupees in a membership year by the Paytm first credit card,

While HDFC Millennia cashback credit card has also a membership annual fee of 1180 rupees including GST, which can be waived off; if the Millennia credit cardholder expend the total amount up to 1 lakh in a calendar year

When we should redeem reward points on a credit card to get cashback?

Ans- I would recommend redeeming reward points before the expiry date of reward points, every credit card reward points comes with a certain validity, like, Millennia credit card reward points validity is for two years from the transaction date,
2nd thing, if you notice the excess amount of reward points have been earned, then, they can get their reward points redeemed, minimum redemption can be done through Millennia credit card if the number of reward points reached up to 2500

How to redeem reward points on these 2 cash back credit card?

Ans- Paytm first credit cardholder can redeem reward points either with the help of Paytm customer care number, or, Paytm app, or if they have access to Citi bank Netbanking
While Millennia credit cardholder has also two ways to redeem reward points, the first way is- Redeem reward points through Net banking, and 2nd ways – by submitting a redemption form in a bank branch, each reward points contain the value up to 20 Paise

Which is better to get on a credit card? Reward points or cashback

Ans– Cashback and reward points both worthy, Mostly credit card comes with the facility of providing reward points on a debited transaction via Credit cards, and all reward points which contain some value, on the other hand, We get cashback not on every single debited transaction, cashback provides with the certain terms and conditions which a credit cardholder has to follow, otherwise they lose getting cashback,
Note- Reward points can be converted into Cashback but Cashback can not be converted into Reward points on a credit card

How to use Credit card to get Cashback ?

Ans- The Simple answer; is to check the offer details before you make a transaction on a specific merchants outlets; with the purpose of getting cashback,
if cashback offers are available for your credit card then go ahead with that ,

What credit card is best to get 5% cashback?

Ans- According to this blog post topic ,HDFC Millennia credit card is best to get up to 5% cashback ,for more details please read above ,

how does reward points works on a Debit card?

Ans– Debit card reward points work as a cashpoint which also contains some value but it does depend on the bank to bank debit card cashpoint value, so the cashpoint is just like a Cashback you receive, which can be used for your further online transactions such as bill recharge, etc,

Can we withdraw money from a credit card ?

Ans- Paytm first credit card and Hdfc millennia credit card both has the facility to withdraw money from a credit card, but please make sure to go ahead with the Cash advance mark up fee

how to get cashback from a credit card without a Pin ?

Ans– If your credit card is enabled with the WIFI electronic facility, you can make transaction up to 2000 rupees without a Pin, so please be assured before you swipe your credit card at any EDC machine provided by a merchant outlet store

What credit card has no annual charge ?

Ans- Even if HDFC millennia credit card comes with an annual fee, but you can make this credit lifetime free by availing some of the HDFC Bank services, such as Life insurance, Smartpay, Health insurance, Bill pay registration, By taking BTE facility, etc,

What bank offers cashback on debit cards?

Ans– According to this blog post, both Paytm Payment banks and HDFC Bank provide cashback on their Debit card, only you should know to get cashback,

Conclusion on 2 cash back credit cards

We have mentioned 2 cash back credit card details, along with most of the terms such as, how to get 2% cashback credit card, 5% cashback info, reward points information,

Hope you like this article (2 cash back credit card) if you find any issue with the provided information,feel free to ask,as comment section is available for you,

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